About Zell music

Houston, Tx

Welcome to ZellMusic.com – the spot I created where it's all about vibin' with me, doin things that hit deep. You'll find all of my Music, Podcasts, Videos, Blogs, Merch, Tour/Event Dates, and more! I'm here to drop R&B and Soul that’s more than just tunes; it's a whole mood. Inspired by legends like T-Pain, Usher, and Tory Lanez. My goal? To get you feeling those feels, to become your favorite, and have you living those moments my music brings to life. 

I've hit gold status producing for the likes of Young Thug and Quavo, and my track "Blow Up" exploded with over 500,000 streams. I'm all about that studio life, but I’m also linking up with big names like Lyric Studio, PreSonus, and Fender, pushing boundaries and keeping it 100.

You'll catch my vibe across the digital world, dropping exclusives on YouTube and lighting up feeds on the 'Gram. It's been a hot minute since I hit the stage, but this year? I'm dialing it up.

You're here for those tracks that stick, those anthems that define moments. This is where it happens. Stay locked to ZellMusic.com for all that and more. Let's make history.